Samples: choosing the right airplane for your application:
Which plane works best for electric flight?

Samples, of airplane pictures to see if electric flight works for you. 

"Do I use battery packs, how many motors or should I use the hybrid generating system?"

We have an engineer to help you with your design and application. 




You can engineer with our battery or use our services to add the GEN-120 for long distance flying. Fly on the GEN-120 and use a small pack for a backup.

Motor glider


Currently our products fit well with single and two-place aircraft. Light Sort aircraft are good candidates for electric powered flight. 

Ekolot motorglider


The Elf has been know to stay up for 10 hours with a gas engine and burn only 5 gallons of fuel. So it is an excellent choice to convert to electric Gen-120 or battery.  

High glide ratio


This fast plane uses an electric assist on the V-tail which we can do. We can recommend single or twin motors in push or tractor. 

Conversions to amphibious


No air-brakes on the wing is needed. Our props are variable pitch and reversible for braking or maneuvering on land or water.

Parts to design your project


Wing or tail mounting in pusher or tractor is possible with electric. The Elf is great for twin pushers on the main wing.